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Come And TRy the ​ancient art of Archery!

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Established in 2008, OldTown Archery is committed to ​delivering outstanding service and top-notch equipment for ​an unforgettable archery experience. Specializing in family-​oriented events and team-building activities, we cater to both ​beginners and advanced participants.

Our courses, led by certified trainers, are tailored to different ​age groups and proficiency levels. We've developed an ​advanced archery technique course to build confidence, even ​for the least experienced. Step into the world of traditional ​medieval archery at our fully-equipped range, complete with ​quality bows, professional instructors, and safety ​accessories.

Whether you're a tourist, beginner, or child, our archery ​range offers special programs for individuals and groups. Our ​knowledgeable staff ensures that your archery experience is ​not only enjoyable but also unforgettable.

Having served in over 200 events since our inception, we've ​introduced archery to more than 100,000 people, making ​OldTown Archery a trusted name for a memorable archery ​adventure.

OldTown Archery Riga

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Nestled in the UNESCO Old Town of Riga, OldTown Archery ​Riga stands as a beacon for those seeking an exceptional ​archery experience. Since its establishment, we've become a ​multi-time TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner, ​consistently ranking as the #1 attraction in the "Things to Do" ​section.

Our enchanting location offers traditional archery sessions ​suitable for all ages and experience levels, providing an ideal ​blend of sports, history, and passion. Visitors can immerse ​themselves in the art of archery using vintage bows, creating ​not only a thrilling experience but also an opportunity for ​captivating photos amid the city's historic charm.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond awards, as ​evidenced by the rave reviews from both tourists and locals ​alike. As the top-ranked attraction, OldTown Archery Riga is ​more than an activity—it's a must-visit destination for those ​seeking a unique and enjoyable adventure.


OldTown Archery Krakow

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Discover a unique archery experience at OldTown Archery Krakow, nestled in the heart of the city. With vintage bows and a rich ​historical setting, our location promises an exciting activity suitable for all ages. As a proud recipient of TripAdvisor Certificates of ​Excellence, we ensure an exceptional adventure for both locals and visitors alike.

OldTown Archery Belgrade

In the vibrant heart of Belgrade, OldTown Archery Belgrade ​graces the green landscapes of Kalemegdan Park. Offering a ​distinctive archery experience, our venue seamlessly integrates ​with the historical charm of its surroundings. With vintage bows ​and an idyllic setting, OldTown Archery Belgrade promises an ​enjoyable and memorable activity for all.

Embrace the spirit of unity and collaboration as OldTown Archery ​Belgrade becomes the backdrop for the best team-building ​events. In a city nominated as one of Europe's greatest party ​places, our venue stands out, providing a unique blend of history ​and adventure in the city's historic and green oasis.

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Archery Adventure Riga

Welcome to Archery Adventure Riga, your premier destination for 3D ​archery thrills:

🏹 Immersive 3D Archery: Explore our park with lifelike 3D animal ​targets set in diverse terrains, simulating real-world hunting ​challenges.

🌳 Natural Setting: Surrounded by scenic landscapes, our park ​provides a refreshing escape for individuals, families, and groups.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Fun for All Ages: From beginners to seasoned archers, ​everyone can enjoy the thrill of the bow and arrow.

🎯 Group Tours and Events: Plan team-building activities, school ​outings, or special celebrations with our group tours and ​customizable packages.

🎉 Special Occasions: Host unique events like birthday parties or ​bachelor/bachelorette celebrations at our distinctive venue.

🎟️ Tickets and Tours: Individual tickets, family packages, and ​collaboration with tour offices are available for a seamless adventure ​experience.

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The archery range offers special ​single and group programs for

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