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Feel the touch of history by testing out your skills in any of our archery ranges!



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OldTown Archery


Get in touch with our "everyone is a medieval hero" idea.
OldTown Archery invites you to feel the touch of history by testing out your skills with one of our bows. For those who like being outdoors and enjoy active and exciting outdoor activities and opportunities to try something new, our offering shall be right in the bulls-eye, because archery includes all the above attracting both children and adults alike.

Our ranges are special in the fact that it is very compact and easily able to fit in old town and heavily crowded areas. The ancient archery range offers shooting with the classical longbows and horsebows. Bows are available in different strengths thus being suitable for men, women and children alike. 
We are also taking part in different social activities and holiday activities.
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How-to: Instructors and Equipment

The range exercises necessary measures to ensure the safety of customers and other in the vicinity of the range at all times. Customers are supervised and instructed by a certified archery instructors, who provide safety equipment, teaches the basic principles of archery and supervise the process. Besides high standard of safety, they are also very knowledgeable about the technique and specifics of shooting. Our trainers are interested in what they do and thus they achieve the highest results.

As they love their work we have earned two certificates of excellence from Tripadvisor, as well we are gaining 98% 5-star reviews from every working spot.
The equipment used is intended for beginners. It's not possible to suffer any injuries during shooting. Arrows have rounded tops, as well we are providing all arm and finger guards necessary.




OldTown Archery was founded in 2011, and it operates within the field of outdoor activities services - namely archery services. OldTown Archery offers its services in the cities of Riga, Krakow, Sarajevo and Belgrade, with plans to open branches in other locations.

Since the founding of the company, it has provided archery services in more than 200 various events and introduced archery to more than 50 000 people. The company has shown with its operation that archery range may not only operate as a sports club, but it can also be an exciting form of entertainment for families and tourists. 


Companies principles:
Visually fit and improve the place we are working;
Do everything to make Archery exciting and available for men, women and children alike;
Give a touch of history by introducing real techniques and historical background for our customers;
Be socially responsible and give an opportunity to try archery for those who need cheer-up.


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